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SAVE THE AURORA RESERVOIR is a group of Southeast Aurora residents who oppose the Lowry Ranch fracking project. We are working to protect our families, homes, schools, neighborhoods, air, water, and community reservoir from the dangers of fracking. We are fighting to safeguard the community’s health and quality of life.

What is this about?

Civitas and its subsidiaries (Axis Exploration, Crestone Peak Resources, and Purple Land Management) are proposing a project called the Lowry Ranch CAP to frack new 164 wells in addition to 10 existing wells on 12 well pads near the Aurora Reservoir and surrounding neighborhoods.

Local residents are being presented with half-truths and inaccurate research to secure leases on individual owner mineral rights.

Local HOAs and Metro Districts are being presented with financially-attractive leasing packages for the mineral rights of common areas in our Southeast Aurora neighborhoods.

Why are we concerned?

If approved, this project will build drilling pads as close as 2,000 feet of local homes and the Aurora Reservoir.

We do not want Civitas polluting our water and air or creating other risks that other communities have suffered from fracking.

Researchers have found that fracking has immediate and long-term adverse effects on human health, especially in children and the elderly. This project will place wells near our homes and schools and drill under them. Unsurprisingly, Cherry Creek School District has rejected Civitas' lease offer.

What can you do?

The impact (from their own experts)

Read the cumulative impacts study prepared for Crestone Peak, the operator of the Lowry Ranch CAP project. In it you'll find estimates of increased air pollution, anticipated water use and wastewater disposal, and other impacts. 

What is Fracking? Why is it Controversial?

Fracking claims to offer "energy independence" but at what cost?


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